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Artist Statement

Painting and drawing have always been the most effective way for me to process my experiences. As a child, my first drawings were of horses and they have continued as an abiding interest for me throughout my life.   The horse for me is both familiar and strange, awe inspiring and elemental. Horses are part of the human condition, and for centuries have partnered with us in war, work, play, and mystical experiences.


I do not know why horses are "it" for me, but they regularly appear at the intersection of experience and record where chaos is given a voice and narrative is born. Painting happens at this intersection; painting becomes the organizing principle of dreams and perceptions, as simple as a period on the page or as complex as a novel.


When paint is partnered with hand and eye, an idea, whether pre-existent or discovered in the process of paint meeting surface, makes analogous the inside and outside worlds of human experience, leading us to knowledge of self and the world we live in.

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